What is Functional Rehabilitation

Functional rehabilitation is a movement based treatment that uses the body’s own natural healing powers to recover from injury and chronic pain. It differs from other forms of physical rehabilitation in that the exercises used are essentially transferable to every day activities.

What Can I Expect?

To begin with, your therapist will asses your general movement to find any deficiencies. Based on your physical ability, they will then guide you through exercises suited to you. These will teach your brain and body to work together in the most efficient way they can. The exercises will also strengthen and stretch the relevant muscles to treat your condition.

What Sort of Exercises Will I Be Given?

The specific exercises you’ll be given depend very much on your lifestyle. For those who are generally inactive, simple stretches, balances, and basic strengthening exercises are usually appropriate. For athletes and weekend warriors, your therapist is likely to prescribe exercises that challenge you enough to stimulate your body into healing. This could include weight training exercises, endurance training, running gait exercises to name a few.

With functional rehabilitation we also try to fit your exercises into your existing lifestyle as much as possible. This guy has the right idea!

How Does Functional Rehabilitation Work?

Functional rehabilitation works on the premise that the body knows how to heal itself when given the right stimulus. By integrating the brain and body together, you essentially re-wire yourself into moving and feeling better. The whole purpose of functional rehabilitation is to empower you, and give you the tools to reclaim your own health and wellbeing