Dom McKay
Dom McKayMyotherapist
From the moment he assisted in his father’s back rehabilitation at the age of 10, Dom has been fascinated by the mechanics of the body and developed a sustained confidence in his ability to recognise and resolve musculoskeletal issues.

Following years in the martial arts and subsequently a lifetime observing human structure and movement, Dom moved to pursue a career that provided him with the ability to assist in the recovery process of the injured.

Qualified in Myotherapy, Exercise Prescription, Remedial Massage and Yumeiho Therapy, Dom now spends his time constructing functional, pain-free bodies. Passionate about treating chronic pain, sports injuries and improving athletic performance, he applies innovative techniques to tailor treatment to individual needs through manual therapy, functional training and rehabilitation techniques. Yet it’s not just his leading-edge techniques or successful track record solving complex cases that bring his patients back, it’s also the approachable, responsive manner in which he treats them.